Economic strategy built on Tron Network blockchain

Tron Farm

Tron Farm is an economic strategy you can invest to and where you can earn cryptocurrency Tron. By becoming a member of the game, you get an opportunity to run your own business – purchase animals and then develop your farm, that brings real profit.

Play Tron Farm now and easily get cryptocurrency TRX every day!

Create your own farm

Purchase animals

The game allows you to choose: whether you want to buy chicks, pigs, sheep, cows or even horses. The more an animal costs, the more profit you make!


Is it safe?

Tron Farm is based on the smart-contract Tron Network. No one can affect the content of the contract because it is decentralized. Smart-contract is an open source so it is available for anyone to study.

How to start earning real money?

If you want to get profit, you need to buy one or more animals for in-game currency - coins.

What are the coins?

Tron Farm coins are the in-game currency. They are used for purchasing animals or improving your animals' nutrition. You get profit in coins too.

Coin rate is fixed: 1TRX = 80 Coins().

What do I need to start playing?

For the game to work and to conduct transactions to the smart-contract's address properly, you have to install the TronLink extension in your browser and to sign up / log in.

For access through mobile devices, you can use Yandex-browser (for Android), which supports TronLink's full work or download a specialized cryptocurrency wallet for mobile devices - Math Wallet (IOS / Android)

How to invest or withdraw money?

You can carry out these operations in the game itself in the "My Account" section. Money could be set in in-game currency (Coins) or Tron (TRX).

How do I get a profit?

Profit from your animals is calculated and added automatically every hour after the first investment. You make profit ONLY as long as there is money on the smart-contract's balance.

What is your fee amount?

The administration fee equals 10% of the coins you spent on the animals' purchase.

Still have questions?

You can visit our Telegram chat (EN/ RU) or join a Discord server and find the answers there or contact our support team by email.