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Economic strategy Tron Farm

Release: 15-21.07.2019!

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Tron Farm is an economic strategy you can invest to and where you can earn cryptocurrency Tron. By becoming a member of the game, you get an opportunity to run your own business – purchase animals and then develop your farm, that brings real profit.

The game is based on the smart-contract Tron Network. No one can affect the content of the contract because it is decentralized and fully autonomus. And the last but not least fact is that smart-contract is an open sourse, so anyone can study it.

Play Tron Farm and easily get cryptocurrency TRX every day!


For the game to work and to conduct transactions to the smart-contract address properly, you have to install the TRX wallet for browser and to sign up / log in. The best TRON wallet - TronLink.

About us

We are Tron Games team and we are creating an economic online-strategy built on Tron Network blockchain!

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